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Nothing to Report
Burglary Auto
7500 Block of S Sanibel Cir Unk. suspects entered a 2006 Nissan Pickup Truck and took a Kenwood touch screen TV. Vehicle was apparently left unlocked.
Criminal Mischief Arrests
1:44 am.
7900 Block of Terrace Ridge Drive/ Numerous Other Addresses.
Responded to a report of 9 vehicles in the Hidden Oaks sub-division in which suspects had smashed out the rear window of the vehicles.  A resident of Hidden Oaks observed the suspects and contacted the Police Department.  HCSO also was investigating approx. 20 similar offenses in their jurisdiction.  We were notified that HCSO was in contact with the suspect vehicle in the Carlton Arms North Apartments, located on Fletcher Ave.  The witness went to the scene and ID the suspect vehicle and the suspects.  Arrested were two white male adults, one age 19 and the other age 20 who lived in the Carlton Arms North Apartments. 
Burglary Auto
7500 Block of  N Sanibel Cir.
Unk. suspects entered an unlocked 2002 Buick Century and took a Kicker Speaker, Alpine Amplifier, Kicker Amplifier and a Kenwood car stereo.
Burglary Auto
7700 Block of Sumter Ct
Unk. suspects entered an unlocked 1997 Toyota Camry and took an unk. brand .25 cal semi-auto handgun. 
Nothing to Report        


I just wanted to reinforce a message that I regularly send out:
Approx. 2 weeks ago, a resident of Raintree Oaks reported a home burglary.  During the Police Department’s follow-up investigation, Detectives located a neighbor who lived close the burglary address.  During the day of the burglary, an unknown Black Male had knocked on the front door of the neighbor’s home and when the neighbor answered the door, the subject asked for a “glass of water”.  Of course, what the subject was actually doing was casing the home to ascertain if anyone was home.  The neighbor DID NOT contact the Police Department to report this suspicious activity and of course later a burglary was reported.
We have ID a suspect in this ongoing investigation and only 4 weeks ago, the same subject was walking around the Pleasant Terrace sub-division.  He knocked on the front door of a home and the homeowner answered the door and the subject asked if “Alfred” lived there.  Of course, he was casing the home and checking to see if anyone was home.  The difference is that this homeowner immediately contacted the Police Department and responding officers located the subject who had been recently released from prison.  There was no burglary that day. 
So you can see how important it is to report suspicious activity, especially Monday-Fridays from 8am to 5 pm when the majority of the home burglaries occur in our City.
And of course, as the current crime updates indicates, the Police Department received several reports of burglary autos.  NONE of the vehicles were locked and one had a gun stolen.  Please lock up your vehicles and DO NOT leave firearms inside an vehicle! 

Tracy E. Mishler, FCPP,CPTED Certified

Community Service Officer & Captain of Police Reserves

Temple Terrace Police Department, Crime Prevention Unit

11250 N. 56th St.

Temple Terrace, Fl.  33617


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