Robert writes...

 From my counterparts @ TPD. This is a summary of the same MO that occurs at most burglaries in Hillsborough County. Of course, instead of calling TPD, you would call the Temple Terrace Police Department @ 989-7110.

Hello All, I wanted to share a bulletin with you and a common M.O. Please read the attached bulletin. Hopefully between the photo & video evidence left behind the burglar will be caught. When an uninvited guest knocks at your door, you may be tempted to stay quiet so they leave. This will work if it is truly a door to door solicitor, however, if it is a burglar...they may be checking to see if you are home.

If you are home, answer loudly through the door stating that you are busy, and tell them to have a nice day. Say this is a firm voice. If they continue to knock & make excuses, loudly inform them through the door that you are calling the Police. This will usually send them packing.

Next, go ahead and call TPD Non-Emergency at 813-231-6130, give the best description you can and the direction of travel. Hopefully an officer will intercept them and find out what their true motive was behind going door to door. Thanks

Lisa Timmer
Neighborhood Affairs Liaison
Tampa Police Department
Uniform District Two
9330 N. 30th St
Tampa, Fl. 33612

Phone 813-931-6541
Fax 813-931-6576

Florida has a very broad public records law. Communication to/from governmental offices are considered public record. Your e-mail communications may be subject to public disclosure.

Attempt to identify burglary suspect