Robert writes...

 I was out in Meadowood and met many residents during your neighborhood garage/carport sale.  This community has a wonderful compliment of neighbors.  I enjoyed walking the area and speaking with as many as possible.  The community seems tight knit and I would love to energize the neighborhood watch within this area of the city.  

 If you are planning a neighborhood watch meeting please pass on the date and time so I can make it a priority to attend.  I apologize to the communities of Raintree Oaks and Theresa Arbor.  I was heavily involved in a class at HCC for the past two weeks and I over committed myself.  Please include me at the next meeting.

 I attended the Raintree Village crime watch meeting at the clubhouse.  I enjoyed everyone’s attendance and the questions that were asked.  Raintree Village has a strong watch program.  I commend you all for that.  We as a police department are as strong as the community we serve.  

 PLEASE:  Be aware of financial scams on the phone, internet and in person.  This is the time of the year that these scams increase.  The criminals need to buy gifts for the holiday season as do you.  Let’s make them earn an honest dollar.  If you didn’t call a contractor/salesman to your home to conduct repairs, you probably didn’t need the service or repair to begin.  Don’t let anyone inside to sell you a product or service you didn’t know you wanted.  This is a common way for the thief to distract you and enter to commit a theft by diverting your attention or steal your money never returning to complete a job.  Never pay for the service in full before the job begins.  Remember, if they are a reputable contractor look for their license number.  They should be insured.  Also, check with the Better Business Bureau.  Do your research, you can bet the criminals do theirs.  If you are uncomfortable with anyone at your door or on your property call the police.  We are willing and available to respond to any and all calls for service.

CSO K.D. Stanton II

Temple Terrace PD Office

(813) 506-6529