Robert writes...

I have just been contacted by a resident in the south end of the city regarding a phone scam targeting our residents. It is as follows:

A person calls claiming to be with Medicare. They advise that Medicare is issuing new cards to their members and they need to confirm information. The caller is insistent that you give them your bank account number to complete the new card issuance and verification process. DO NOT DO THIS!

There is no reputable company that will ask for this type of information. As a general phone safety rule, don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number, is a private number or no caller identification is present in the display on your phone. Let it go to voice mail then review it later. If you feel uncomfortable with the call hang up. If that 6th sense is telling you something is not right hang up. Use common sense in your approach to your financial records. If you feel it is unresolved then call the actual company the caller is claiming to be representing and check with them. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER THEY CALLED FROM OR THAT THEY PROVIDED. LOOK IT UP IN THE DIRECTORY.


Happy Holidays to you and yours.

CSO K.D. Stanton II

Temple Terrace PD

Office (813) 506-6529