Report: I-5 Bridge near Seattle Collapses Sending Cars, People into Water

ABC affiliate KOMO reports the I-5 bridge over the Skagit River has collapsed near Mt. Vernon Thursday night, injuring a unknown number of people.

People ahd vehicles are in the water.

Both the northbound and southbound portions of the bridge dropped into the river sometime before 9 p.m. CST, according to Washington State Patrol trooper Mark Francis.

Francis said several cars were on the bridge when it collapsed, and many are now in the water.

It's unclear how many people were injured or killed in the collapse.

A witness tells KOMO he "heard a bang" and saw the bridge go down and cars and people going into the water.

This is a major road in a rural area about 60 miles north of Seattle, but it is well traveled.  It is the main road to connect Seattle to Vancouver. 

This is an old metal bridge.