MUSKEGON, Mich. (WZZM) -- A soldier's letter that's been bouncing around in the mail since World War II is about to make one final trip with the United State Postal Service. "I have been in the Post Office 20 years and I have never seen anything like this happen," Muskegon Postmaster William Rowe said of the old letter his mail carrier attempted to deliver to 313 Washington Street last fall. The house has been vacant for a while and when the mail carrier looked a little closer, he discovered a nearly 70-year-old letter dated June 29, 1945. The fragile letter was written by Sgt. Myron Cook and sent from an Army base in Europe. It was mailed to New York and then presumably Muskegon but it doesn't appear to have been opened. "It appears there is a letter inside but we do not know what the letter is," said Rowe. There is a six cent stamp on the front and bar code proof that someone put the letter back into the mail stream in Minneapolis last year. "We do not know who did it or why they did it. That is a mystery," Rowe said. "Whoever did that wrote to the residents with a new zip code, because they did not have zip codes back in 1945." Now the letter is back in Muskegon, likely for a second time, so many years after it was originally sent.